Pregnancy & Postpartum

Whether your currently pregnant, postpartum, or trying to conceive, our services can help mange your mental health during this time. We help:


  • Treat perinatal depression and anxiety, reducing symptoms that may affect both the expectant parent and the developing baby.
  • Ensure that medications are used safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with careful consideration of both parental and fetal health.
  • Provide stability and support during a time of significant emotional and physical changes, helping expectant and new parents feel better.
  • Support the overall mental health of the parent, which is crucial for their well-being and the well-being of their family during and after pregnancy.

We have dual certified nurse midwives and PMHNPs who are experts both in pregnancy care as well as the mental health changes during this time. 


Pregnancy and parenting are hard, but accessing mental health care doesn’t have to be. Get in touch today.

We want you to get the support you deserve.


Virtual throughout Oregon & Washington States



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